Full Self Driving Beta Out For Select Tesla Users But With A Warning

Tesla is a leading car company is a self-driving tech. Tesla Owners have long enjoyed its Autopilot software but Full Self Driving Mode is yet to be a reality. Tesla announced on 22nd October that FSD Beta Program is on. The New Update is referred to as “AutoSteer for city Streets”. But users receive a warning with the update to pay attention while driving and keep their hands on the steer. As the software is in beta and may malfunction.

The new update doesn’t yet qualify for a fully autonomous self-driving system. But it is loaded with some impressive features. Teslas can now perform some complex maneuvers such as following a predefined route, stopping at red lights, making turns, moving around obstacles such as other vehicles. Tesla is moving ahead in the right direction to build a fully automated driving system.

But with the self-driving system comes the risk of being hacked. Tesla is also a software and any piece of the program can be tricked with the proper trick. There are security concerns once the self-driving software is fully developed. Until then NHTSA will consider the driver responsible for any act done by the car. People have misused Tesla Self-driving features before and as the technology advances the threat will increase as well. But it doesn’t matter as long as you take precautions.

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