HarmonyOS for Huawei users will be out soon

Huawei announced Harmony OS will be Open Source and available for everyone to use. Harmony OS is a distributed Operating System to provide a seamless ecosystem experience. At the Huawei Developer Conference in September Huawei announced HarmonyOS Beta for Smartphones will be available before the end of this year.

Huawei officials report that the research and development are progressing with schedule and release will take place in December. The Harmony OS works on the principle of modules. The way it’s built sees every component as a module. Like a Speaker module, TV module, Smartphone Module, and so on. This what makes it a distributed operating system and allows it to work on all platforms and integrate them together as one single machine(Distributed Computing).

“HarmonyOS brings the industry’s biggest innovation. Equipment manufacturers do not have to carry out complex system customization/cutting research and development. Also, they can simply share the application ecology”.

Dr. Wang Chenglu said:

In terms of app development, HarmonyOS provides a complete development ecosystem for developers. Distributed application frameworks, 13000+ API, IDEs, as well as ARK compilers to help developers achieve multi-terminal deployment. The developers need to pay attention to the business logic and everything else is handled by the Developer kit. This reduces a lot of complexity and overhead work from the Developers’s shoulders.

Since Harmony OS become Open source 120 partners, 20 hardware partners, and over 100000 developers joined the network. EMUI 11 is also rolling out soon and it is official that EMUI 11 will be the last release of EMUI. All the EMUI 11 users will be able to seamlessly upgrade to Harmony OS and enjoy a distributed ecosystem.

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