EMUI 11: Goodbye Android Forever

Huawei recently announced that EMUI 11 will be rolling out to 37 Huawei devices in November. All the EMUI 11 devices will then upgrade to HarmonyOS in December. This will mark the end of EMUI and Huawei Android Smartphones. The Final release of EMUI brings some cool features in Multitasking, Performance, Privacy, and more. Let’s First List down the 37 devices that will be eligible for EMUI 11.

EMUI 11 tagline is Brilliant Together which clearly identifies the aim here is an ecosystem. The very first improvement is in the design. New artistic themes will be available to use. The AOD(Always on Display) will be highly customizable and there are new themes for AOD. You can now apply either animation, animal avatar, or inspirational quotes. The whole of EMUI design has been improved including the animation flow.

EMUI 11 introduces a multi-window, floating window. You can change the layout of floating apps or simply fit them into a bubble for later use. Multi-Screen Collaboration: With EMUI 11 you will be able to display multiple screens at the same time on your PC. There are new cinematic templates, background sounds for video creators.

EMUI 11 has an AI notepad that can convert your images into documents. Not PDF but real docs with perfect layout. EMUI 11 reduces the aging of Huawei devices by 75% compared to EMUI 9. Motion Predict Engine improves Gaming performance in GPU turbo devices. Privacy feature includes: Before sending an image you can choose to remove sensitive info from it, you can now grant apps access only when you are using them, Lock your notes.

These are pretty much the features that all Android 10 users enjoy. Thanks for reading. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates on Huawei.

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