Which is the best Smartphone Processor?

Smartphone processors are getting better each day. But every now and then we ask ourselves which processor is no 1? In technical terms, Apple A14 Bionic is the fastest Processor for Smartphones and Huawei Kirin 9000 is the fastest Android Processor. But what about value? Which smartphone processor provides the highest value?

Apple A14 Bionic is super fast and efficient but we can’t use all of its power. In fact, many sources claim Apple capped A14 Bionic performance and that is why it has low benchmark scores. This is because in the current scenario no smartphone needs that powerful chip. Snapdragon 865 is a processor that can run any current high-end mobile game without lag and at the highest graphics settings.

And therefore, in terms of value Snapdragon 865 wins. Smartphones with SD865 will get cheaper and are capable enough to handle any task you through at it. But why then we need these powerful chips? For the future. The future of Smartphones is not just browsing the internet, playing casual games, and chatting on WhatsApp. The future of smartphones is replacing the PC. If you own an iPhone 12 you are literally carrying the power of a MacBook in your pocket.

That is where all the companies are heading. ARM MacBooks and other ARM-powered laptops are a step closer to the smartphone dominating the PC market. Apple & Huawei will lead this battle with their Distributed Operating Systems. The seamless integration will allow people to enjoy the same Desktop features on a smartphone when it is connected with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse as a high-class desktop computer.

So, If you are going to buy a smartphone to replace it in a year or two buy a Snapdragon 865 smartphone it will offer better value for money. Otherwise, buy the 5nm Processor Smartphone as it will help you save money on a laptop after a few years. Thanks for reading. Your presence is all that matters. Take a minute to drop your feedback in the comments.

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