Kirin 9000 vs Snapdragon 875

Ever since the Huawei Mate 40 Pro launched Kirin 9000 has been the highlight. Its 24 Core GPU and 5nm Architecture have been talk of the month. However, Snapdragon 875 Processor benchmarks have arrived and soon it will be officially launched. Most Probably by next month. Xiaomi will be the first Company to get access to Snapdragon 875.

Let’s talk benchmarks. Master Lu Compared both Snapdragon 875 and Kirin 9000 side by side and concluded Kirin 9000 has a better GPU and faster Storage while Snapdragon 875 has a better CPU and faster RAM. Both the contenders are really close overall but Snapdragon 875 wins the race. Snapdragon 875 is 18%(approx) faster than Kirin 9000 is CPU performance.

On the GPU side, Kirin 9000 is 0.7%(approx) faster than Snapdragon 875. But it’s not just the CPU and GPU that makes a processor powerful. Overall Snapdragon 875 is around 3.6%(approx) faster than Kirin 9000. This can’t be considered however real comparison as the Processor is not yet officially unveiled.

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