“Project Latte”: Microsoft Plans to beat Apple

Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest operating system competitors in Large screen computing device. When One does something another needs to follow in fear of losing the game. Apple recently announced support for iOS apps on macOS giving mac users access to millions of iOS apps. Now Microsoft is planning something similar for its users with Project Latte.

The Biggest Competitor of iOS is Android and therefore, Microsoft decided to provide support for Android apps on Windows 10. With this new Project Latte, App developers will be able to submit their apps to the Microsoft App stores with little or no code changes. Project Latte is powered by a Windows subsystem for Linux but Windows will need to provide a Windows Subsystem for Android to resolve performance issues.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will soon get support for Linux GUI apps and GPU Acceleration which should aid the performance issues. However, there will be no support for Google Play libraries. This means apps that are dependent on Play Libraries will need to remove those dependencies before submitting to the Microsoft store.

Project Latte will be launched Next Year i.e. in 2021. What does this mean for Everyday User? Everyday Users will be able to use most of their favorite Android apps on their laptops keeping them in sync without any expensive smartphone. What about Apple? Apple is playing a completely different game. There is no comparison here. Apple is consolidating its ecosystem. Bringing all the operating Systems i.e. iOS, iPadOS, macOS closer than ever.

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