Apple A16 will be a 3nm Processor and will arrive by end of 2022.

Apple recently launched its 5nm A14 Chip and M1 Chip which shook the industry with their incredible performance and efficiency. But Apple is not stopping here. Apple wants to build much more powerful chips than M1 for future Macs and iPhones which will take apple computing to next level. But the plans for the next groundbreaking chip have been delayed to 2022 which was previously aimed for 2021 due to Covid.

TSMC the world’s largest chip manufacturer and Apple’s main Chip Supplier recently constructed a new Chip Manufacturing plant. The new plant will start commercial production of 3nm chips by the second quarter of 2022. Apple and Samsung are the only two companies that are planning for a 3nm Chip for their products.

Samsung recently confirmed a $116billion investment in its own 3nm chipset manufacturing. It is believed TSMC will use the same FinFET designs for 3nm Chips same as 5nm instead of using a more efficient GAA design like Samsung. TSMC is saving GAA design for 2nm Chips which are set for mass production by end of 2024.

As far as the 3nm goes TSMC recently held a ceremony marking the completion of its new manufacturing plant reported by Digitimes. Apple will then modify these 3nm chips to produce its own custom chips like A14 and M1. With different capabilities for different devices.

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