Google will delete Your data if you don’t take the necessary steps

Google the tech giant that rules the internet is going to delete the data of all its users as per their new Cloud Storage Policies. The new policies will be implemented from June 1, 2021. Data on all of Google services will be affected including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos. Currently Google offers 15GB of storage for free users and you can upgrade via Google One for more storage.

But the problem Google is facing is that there are many users who are inactive on Google services and their data is still on Google servers. The new Policies that Google is rolling out adds a new rule that if a user is inactive for more than 2 years all his data from Google will be deleted. The new policies will also affect Google Workspace subscribers, Gsuite for non-profits, and Gsuite for education, which the company detailed in a blog post.

How to Save Your data?

The Solution is really simple if you have been inactive lately on Google services just log into each of these services and you will be safe. You can check how much storage you are using via Google One. If your storage requirements exceed the free limit then upgrade to one of Google One’s plans.

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