iPhone 11 Owners eligible for free screen replacement by Apple

Apple is known for its repair and replacement programs. The biggest one of which is, of course, the MacBook keyboard repair program. But faults occur in devices while manufacturing and apple are bold enough to accept its fault and launch a repair program for customer satisfaction. If you own an iPhone 11 then you might be eligible for free repair.

Apple recently announced on its support page that some iPhone 11 units (which include 11 Pro and Pro max as well) manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 might stop responding to touches after some usage. To do right by the customer they have launched this repair program. However, the program doesn’t include repair for manufacturing defects.

You can eligibility for your iPhone 11 on Apple’s support page here. Once it is confirmed that your iPhone is eligible for the free repair and there are no manufacturing defects. You can just take your iPhone to the nearest Apple service center to get it repaired. To find the serial number of your iPhone got to settings-> general -> about.

iPhone 11 users who faced this issue before and got it fixed by paying are eligible for a refund. The replacement program is valid for 2 years only from the date of purchase.

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