Facebook Planning To Destroy Cameo: War Of The Mammoths

Facebook the world’s largest Social media platform has been involved in anticompetitive behaviors and is being sued for that. Facebook buys all companies that try to compete with it like Whatsapp, Instagram, and others. Cameo a new American video-sharing app announced a feature that lets users pay celebrities for sending a personalized video message to their family and friends.

Facebook is inspired by the same feature and wants to benefit from the idea. The easiest solution would have been to just buy Cameo but because of the lawsuit, it is not in a state of acquiring any new company. But to battle with Cameo and keep its global strength Facebook is testing a feature “Super” internally within its experimental team. The Experimental team creates experimental standalone apps for seeing future opportunities, Just like google’s Area 120.

“Super” the new feature will allow celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers to get paid for hosting live, interactive videos, or even answering questions, taking selfies. Creators will also be able to sell merchandise with the new feature. Though the feature is not released yet. But it is being tested internally confirmed by a Facebook SpokesWoman.

There is no information on when will the feature will go public. But One thing is for sure this could be the next big thing in Social Media Industry. Thanks for reading. Comment your thoughts below. Consider Subscribing to our newsletter if you would love to hear more from us.

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