Qualcomm 480: 5G Coming to Low-End Smartphones

Qualcomm powers most of the 5G smartphones in the market. Recently it launched SD888, SD768G, and SD690 the Processors to power flagship, midrange, and budget smartphones respectively. Now Qualcomm is adding support to its lower end processors with SD480. Snapdragon 480 will be the first 5G smartphone processor for lower-end smartphones. The new processor will be launched in partnership with Nokia.

With Snapdragon 480 Qualcomm is not only bringing 5G but also major performance upgrades for low-end smartphones. SD480 will be powered by an X51 5G modem RF system which supports multiple modes and bands of 5G spectrum. It will also come with Wifi 6 support and will improve wireless connectivity in this segment. There are also huge raw performance upgrades thanks to the new Kryo 460CPU and Adreno 619 GPU.

Qualcomm claims SD480 is at least twice as powerful as SD460. It also brings triple ISP support for the first time in the SD400 series which will bring better Camera capability and performance. Other Upgrades include its new 8nm architecture and new Quick Charge 4+ technology. The First Smartphones powered by SD480 will be introduced in the First Quarter of 2021. Nokia and OnePlus both want a piece of this processor capabilities.

Nokia will be the first one to introduce a new smartphone powered by SD480 followed by OnePlus. It is interesting how OnePlus is leaning towards budget smartphones with its Nord series. It won’t be a surprise if the OnePlus Nord series device is introduced with SD480.

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