Apple Magic Keyboard: The Magic is Yet to Happen

Butterfly keyboard an invention meant to revolutionise the entire industry became a headache for Apple. But, this time Apple came up with something that can change the keyboard game forever. We all know Apple’s Magic keyboard is loved by all its users for its power and efficiency. And that is why Apple decided to take the keyboard to magic to whole new level with its new Patent filed recently and approved by US Patent & Trademark Office.

The new patent suggest Apple is working on a configurable keyboard with tiny displays embedded into each key. This will give user the power to configure all the keys according to their preferences. There may be several use cases for such configurable keyboards. For Writers, when writing in a different language its better configure keyboard than to switch to another keyboard. It will also allow to include custom key shortcuts such as media controls or programming shortcuts.

Best use case would be for gamers. Gamers can customise keys specific to each game and change the configuration as needed to stay at the top of their game. Apple recently started focusing on Mac Gaming and after M1 chips keyboards can be a big leap ahead. It is not clear whether the keyboards will arrive anytime soon or not. The Keyboards once arrive will be introduced into all Mac Lineup and everyone will be able to enjoy the power of Magical Keyboard.

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