Solve Firebase Functions (Server Error: ECONNRESET)

Firebase Cloud functions service gives you a way to deploy your functions on the cloud, giving you more power. Error in one function saves the whole project from getting damaged that’s the beauty of Cloud technology. But recently I came across this error ECONNRESET while deploying a firebase function. As I started googling I noticed it is a really popular issue. And I took this responsibility to provide all feasible solutions to this issue.

Let’s first answer why this error comes? It is a network issue that firebase CLI is facing while deploying your function to Cloud. Before you start shouting, I know your internet is fine. You can load web pages with blazing fast speed and download videos but the issue is due to network stability. You might get the fastest download speeds in the town but your network’s ping is too high for firebase CLI. Just like gamers need really low ping to play games properly, firebase is no different.

The master list of all feasible solutions that I have found:

  • Use A VPN Service. That’s it. I use Betternet.
  • Switch your network mode to a more stable network mode. If using 5G switch to 4G, if 4G switch to 3G.
  • Use VoLTE calls to your advantage. Just dial a number like a Customer support number and try deploying then.
  • Switch your ISP. Choose ISP which has the lowest ping. Ping matters. Search google for comparison tests or use your friend’s ISP and see if it works then switch to that.
  • Update your firebase CLI and try again.
  • Try switching your location to a place that has low ping. use speed tests to identify.
  • Finally, Try using a broadband

These are the solution that I found works for people around the globe. But if you have something to add to this list please comment below. Your comment will be valuable to us. Thanks

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