You need to delete your emails. Here is why?

When Gmail was launched Google kept on increasing the free email storage every storage. It looked like Google is going to give unlimited free storage to every Google account user. But things changed in 2013 when google set a limit of 15GB of free storage shared across all Google services. So, if you use 10GB of storage to store files on Google drive then you only have 5GB for emails.

Google used this trick to introduce and promote its premium storage plans. But why should you pay for more storage when you can get more for free. Your emails are just text but they take up a lot of space. Newsletters that contain images and links. Deleting your emails once in a while can get you handsome free storage for more emails. Companies will encourage you to never delete your emails because it helps them profit from subscriptions that you subscribe to for more storage.

But do you really need those spam emails or newsletter emails that aren’t useful anymore? No, you don’t so go ahead select your useless emails and click the Trash icon. You can always use Google One To Check your storage.

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