Twitter Birdwatch: Next Step to fight misinformation

Fake news or misleading information is really common on social media. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others tried their best to improve the quality of content on the platform and fight misinformation and negative content. But as the US election proved social media moderation is not yet up to the mark to battle the foolishness of some dumb minds. In order to battle this crisis, Twitter took a step and is building Birdwatch. A tool that is aimed to reduce misleading information on Twitter.

Birdwatch is a tool that will be available to select users in the US only as of now. You need to signup for the program here. Users accepted will see a “Contribute to Birdwatch” option in the menu with every tweet. If you find any tweet to be mis leading or inappropriate you can select this option and answer a few MCQs and write a note for context on why it’s misleading or inappropriate. Your notes will be visible on a separate birdwatch site as of now. Notes deemed most helpful will start showing up on Twitter. Your notes will be rated by other birdwatch testers.

For now Birdwatch content will remain separate but as the tool improves and trust in the community builds the tool will be publicly available. People from around the world will be able to contribute to birdwatch as long as they follow birdwatch values. Tools like these are dedicated to improving our life on social media. And we should show our full support for these features.

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