Netflix Brings Surprise For Free Users

There are many Netflix users who don’t pay to watch Netflix. Instead, they just borrow accounts from other users or a group of friends together buy Netflix, and share logins with each other. In fact, there are several online websites and Instagram accounts that sell Netflix logins for very low prices because they buy multi-device subscriptions once and then sell the login for money. But Netflix is done with all this and will no longer tolerate people sharing these logins.

Netflix is adding a verification screen just after the login screen. Some sort of two-factor authentication. Now, this won’t affect family and friends sharing Netflix account but it targets dealers who are selling Netflix accounts for very low prices illegally. The new screen will ask for a verification code which the owner of the Netflix account will get. If the owner is your friend you can just call him or text for the code. If it your family member than you can just take his/her smartphone and see the code😉. But for online buyers, its better you get a Netflix plan else your money will be wasted.

Netflix’s Surprise

This move will allow Netflix to make more money. This means more powerful entertainment content will be on its way and it might also mean cheaper Netflix in the long term.

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