Framework: Modular Future of Notebooks

Ever since the first Macbook Air arrived the concept of upgradeable Notebooks slowly started dying. Windows Laptops did provide some upgradeability and some of the laptops did a good job to give users the best hardware customization possible. But notebooks weren’t built to last forever. And that’s kind of bad when talking about sustainability. In a world full of electronic waste we need more sustainable solutions.

That’s where Framework comes in. The framework is a startup that recently announced a modular notebook, the notebook that can be upgraded as per the user’s need. Each one of us is bound to change and Framework understands it. That’s why Framework laptops are highly focused on modularity. You can change your mind about using the USB Type-C Port and replace it with microSD or anything that you desire using their Expansion cards.

The Mainboard on the framework is unlike any other mainboard on any other laptop. This mainboard is built to adapt to new hardware. You can change the processor as you desire, upgrade the SSD to 4TB, the RAM can be upgraded up to 64GB. The Framework laptops are also customizable so you can choose your own keyboard layout, color, ports, and other stuff.

You can replace the entire mainboard if you desire with the latest generation of mainboards that Framework launches. Above all that there is a screwdriver included making your repair and upgrade process easy. The framework is promising a lot, sustainability, high performance, superior upgradeability, and repair. But we will have to wait to receive these laptops to comment on the quality. But the concept of modular laptops seems fascinating and it might work in the long run.

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