Xiaomi Liquid Lens Tech Could Be Future of Smartphone Photography

Experiments lead to innovation. Mi Mix series has been Xiaomi’s house for trying out new things. The Upcoming Xiaomi mi mix is rumored to be a foldable device and many concept designs have been released. We have seen all kinds of different rumors from different sources. And now we have another cool tech coming. Liquid Lens Technology will be the highlight of the new Mi Mix smartphone.

What Are Liquid Lenses?

The idea of the liquid lens is quite interesting. A liquid lens is just a camera lens in which traditional mirror lenses are replaced with a crystalline fluid. Liquid Lens works just like our eyes. The light enters our eye via the cornea, which then passes through the iris and eye’s crystalline layer and aqueous fluid focuses the light to hit on the retina. The Concept of liquid lenses is quite similar but the cost of implementation of such lenses is very high compared to traditional multiple mirror lenses.

The new Liquid lens could easily adjust its focus with just a small electric shock. The liquid lens will successfully replace the quad and Penta camera setup and bring back the single-camera smartphone design. Once Xiaomi launches the Liquid lens technology every company will follow and this will shape the future of smartphone photography.

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