Intel’s New Foundries will produce chips for Apple, Samsung, and others

In its Engineering the Future, Intel announced its plans for Intel’s Foundries outsourcing service. With the IDM 2.0 Strategy Intel aims to produce chips for other companies which might include Microsoft, Samsung, Apple. Intel made a 20$ Billion investment in Arizona for two new factories that will serve as Intel Foundries. The IDM (Intel’s Design and Manufacturing) 2.0 Strategy is made up of three parts.

Firstly, Intel’s in-house chip manufacturing will continue to serve as a key element of Intel’s chip business. Secondly, the use of external foundries will be expanded for production of products at the core of Intel’s Computing offerings. External Foundries include TSMC, Samsung, Global Foundries. Third Element is the newly announced Intel Foundry service. The new Foundry business will be lead by Randhir Thakur.

The new Intel foundries launched just in time. The timing couldn’t have been better. The Global semiconductor shortage means big business for Intel. And Intel saw this opportunity and using it right. More Intel foundries are in works Gelsinger claims. The Intel Foundry business might expand parts of Europe and USA and soon will expand globally. Intel also announced R&D partnership with IBM focused on creating next generation logic and packaging technology.

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