Qualcomm 480 5G vs 730G

Ever Since 5G launched we all wanted to see a budget 5G chipset. Qualcomm introduced 480 5G recently which will power all the budget 5G smartphones. The Performance of the processor also matters a lot in the budget segment as we witnessed a rise in budget gamers. That’s why I choose the most common processor i.e. 730G in the budget to be compared with the budget 5G processor i.e. 480 5G.

When it comes to the spec sheet SD 480 5G stands out compared to 730G. But in terms of real-world performance, the story is slightly different. Let’s first talk about the benchmarks. In Antutu 8 Benchmark SD 480 5G is ahead of SD730G in every aspect while in Geekbench score it lags behind. Let’s Look at the table

Antutu 8

SD480 5GSD730G
Total Score269743211679


SD480 5GSD730G

Gaming Benchmark

SD480 5GSD730G
Call Of Duty37.636.5

From the above benchmarks, we can conclude both the chipsets are head to head. But overall the performance of SD730G surpasses SD480 5G with the slightest difference. Though in real-world usage no difference in performance will be suspected. All the benchmarks and results are obtained from chipguider.

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