Nokia simplified its smartphone lineup into three series X, G, C

Nokia has been using the numbered lineup for a while, which kept people guessing which smartphone is right for them. But HMD global now simplified the lineup into series. Nokia X is the mid-range lineup, Nokia G is the budget lineup, Nokia C is the lower budget lineup. Each of these series introduces two devices thus totaling six new Nokia smartphones.

Nokia X10 and X20 are top-of-the-line models and will remain the headline of 2021. Both are powered by Snapdragon 480 5G and sport a 6.67 inch 1080 ✕ 2400 hole-punch display. X10 will go with a 48MP quad setup (48+5+2+2) and 8MP selfie camera while X20 will go with a 64MP quad setup(64+5+2+2) and 32MP selfie camera. X10 can go up to 6GB + 128GB and X20 will go up to 8GB and 128GB.

Nokia G10 will be powered by Mediatek G25 and G20 will be powered by a better G35 processor. Both revolve around a 6.5-inch HD+ teardrop display. G20 will feature the 48MP Quad setup (48+5+2+2) and an 8MP selfie camera. G10 will feature a 13MP triple camera setup (13+2+2) with no ultrawide. G20 will give you 4GB and up to 128GB storage. G10 will bring 3GB and 32GB storage.

Nokia C series smartphones will have just unisoc quad and octa-core chips for C10 and C20 respectively. Single 5MP camera on both front and rear. Up to 2GB and 32GB storage. The display is similar to the G series. The new lineup will first start selling in the UK and soon around the globe. However, there is no flagship. Also Nokia X series will get 3 Years of update and others will get 2 Years of update.

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