Google Lied to you about tracking

Google after facing several court rulings in different countries revamped its privacy and policy and gave its user’s right to turn off tracking over internet. There are two options that are available for users to turn on or off. Location tracking and Web & App Activity tracking. Recently, Consumer rights watchdog, Australian Competition and Consumer commission brought action to court that Google is misleading its consumers.

In a federal court ruling held on Friday Google has been found ‘partially’ misleading consumers. But what exactly happened? In Australia some users were location and Web & App activity data is being collected by Google even when the consumers ticked No and Do not collect data in Google Account settings. In a Judgement, Justice Thomas Thawley said that this is ‘partially’ misleading.

Users “acting reasonably” would not have thought that saying yes to “Web and App Activity” tracking would also give permission to use “location data”.

-Thawley Said

The Company has become a tech giant by selling users’ data to ad and marketing platforms. It is not easy for a firm to stop its biggest revenue stream so easily. However, Google Spokesperson didn’t agree with the Judge and considered to appeal.

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