AMD Ryzen 5000 vs Intel 11th Gen

AMD and Intel are the primary manufacturers of Desktop class processors. Intel trailed AMD processors in terms of CPU and GPU performance for quite some time. But intel took a big leap with its Tiger Lake processors. Intel Iris Xe proved to be the best-integrated graphics engine you can get in a processor. I plan not to keep this conversation long neither we are going to keep it more technical but simple to understand the comparison

CPU & GPU Confusion

AMD Ryzen 5000 series clearly beats intel 11th gen processors in terms of bare CPU performance. AMD Ryzen gives you more clock speed, more thread, and more no of cores. This clearly means multitasking will be better on AMD processors. CPU intensive tasks and productivity apps will be faster on AMD 5000 compared to 11th gen intel.

GPU is where things start getting interesting. Intel Iris Xe is better than AMD Ryzen 5000 integrated GPU however, how fast that can’t be said for sure. As there are no GPU benchmarks available right now. But the difference is not enough that could be noticed in real-world usage. However, the combined CPU and GPU performance put AMD Ryzen 5000 series ahead of intel 11th gen.


When it comes to Desktop there is no issue even if processors aren’t highly powered efficient. But both of these processors are mainly targeted at ultrabooks. AMD Ryzen 5000 series is built on 7nm architecture and intel 11th gen is built on 10nm architecture. AMD will provide you better battery backup compared to intel 11th gen. Better architecture means better efficiency which means better heat control and sustained performance.


AMD Ryzen 5000 is a better processor compared to 11th gen intel. If we use external GPUs with both the processors then AMD Ryzen 5000 is light years ahead of Intel 11th. The gap between Intel and AMD has shrunk and it will be interesting to see who wins in the next generation. AMD 6000 vs intel 12th gen.

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