Asus Zenbook 13 vs MSI Prestige 14 vs Dell XPS 13

The War between ultrabooks in windows has never been better than today. We have three of the best Windows laptops you can buy right now in the market. All three are light-weight, performance-focused, and feature-packed. All of these laptops have their own ups and downs. Let’s see which one among them wins my heart.


The first thing that you look for in a 1000$+ laptop is performance. How capable is it and can it handle all your workload. All three of them come with an intel 11th gen processor and intel iris graphics which is the combination you can get right now. Asus Zenbook offers you AMD Ryzen configuration as well. But the GPU performance of intel iris Xe is unmatched. You can read a full comparison of AMD vs Intel here.

All three laptops offer the same PCIe M.2 Storage up to 1TB. MSI Prestige offers up to 32GB Max Memory others offer 16GB Max. The Chiclet Keyboard on Asus Zenbook has an edge over MSI and Dell as it helps with faster and more comfortable typing. The touchpad is large enough in all three, however, Asus Zenbook supports Number Pad as well. Asus Zenbook takes the lead.


When it comes to portability battery plays a vital role. Asus Zenbook features a 67Whr battery while MSI and Dell come with a 52 Whr battery. The Charging speed of Asus Zenbook can go up to 240W while MSI goes up to 90W and Dell goes up to 45W. Asus Zenbook can go up to 16hrs with a single charge while Dell and MSI both stay close to 10hr.

Dell XPS 13 weighs around 1.23KG, MSI Prestige weighs 1.29KG while Asus Zenbook weighs 1.12KG. Dell features 2 thunderbolts, 1 MicroSD, and 1 3.5mm jack. Asus Zenbook and MSI feature 2 Type-C, 1 Type-A, 1-microSD. Asus Zenbook also comes with 1 HDMI port. Asus Zenbook takes the lead.


Asus Zenbook features an nanoedge FHD HDR OLED panel. MSI and Dell XPS both feature UHD and UHD+ displays respectively. All three ultrabooks come with a metal body. Dell XPS is thinnest with 1.16cm thickness, Asus Zenbook is second with 1.39cm and MSI is third with 1.59 thickness. But all three are slim enough. Though it’s hard to declare a winner in design. But with its lighter weight and OLED display, Asus Zenbook stands strong among the three.


The winner of this versus battle is clearly Asus Zenbook with its powerful configuration and portable design it comes at the top. At no 2 comes MSI prestige with its pricing and very effective specification and a strong design language. Dell XPS 13 however is a good laptop but compared these it could be expensive in some region.

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