Realme 8 5G: Mystically Powerful

Realme has been producing some of the best budget smartphones for quite some time. Realme doesn’t compromise on quality and experiments with unique designs and features with every new smartphone. Realme 8 5G is no different. In a time where all 5G smartphones are out of budget for most Indians, Realme hits the Indian market hard with this budget smartphone.


Let’s start this review with my favorite topic i.e. Performance. Realme 8 5G is powered by Mediatek Dimensity 700 processor which is a direct competitor to Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor. Both Snapdragon 4805G and Mediatek 700 are very close in terms of performance but Mediatek 700 takes a lead of 4% in terms of performance and trails Snapdragon 480 5G by 11% in terms of Battery Life. Detailed comparison on Chipguider.

There is UFS2.1 128GB ROM and Upto 8GB RAM. The Storage is expandable to 1TB and the device features 3 card slots. 5G is believed to be 700% faster than 4G and Mediatek 700 supports up to 2770 Mbps speed. 90Hz Refresh rate makes your experience smooth and it helps especially in games. 5000mah battery is enough to get you through the day and 18W fast charging for times you are in hurry.


Let’s start with the rear design. Realme used a high-gloss indium plating process and lenticular pattern process to achieve a premium mirror effect on the rear end of the device. Most 5G phones are thick because 5G packs 200% more antennas than 4G and this device is no exception with 8.5mm thickness. Though the weight still is less than most 4G smartphones i.e. 185g. The side-mounted fingerprint sensor not only brings speed but also ease of usage. Two Colors Supersonic blue and black. My personal favorite is black. It also has a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display with a 90.5% screen-to-body ratio.


This is a triple camera setup. 48MP main sensor, 4cm Macro Lens, B&W Portrait Lens. 16MP Selfie camera for extra sharp selfies. Though the camera quality is equivalent to any other 4G smartphone in the price range where the camera lag in video recording. Most 4G smartphones in this price range support 4K video recording while this smartphone supports 1080p @30fps.


If you are looking for a smartphone in this budget then Realme 8 5G should be your primary choice. It is better than all 4G devices in this price range except 4K recording plus it will allow you to benefit from 5G offerings that companies will bring in India very soon. As you know when 4G launched several companies introduced several powerful offers 5G war will be even better and you will need a 5G device to get the benefits. So, just close your eyes and order this one.

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