Don’t Buy 2020 Macbooks

If you are looking for a new high-end laptop you might wanna get one of those M1 Macbooks. Apple M1 chip brings huge performance improvement and battery backup advantage. But, it is not the right time to buy the M1 Macbooks. June 2021 will be the month when we will witness the launch of a new and more powerful Macbook Pro. And by the end of this year near September or October, we will see a new Macbook Air with more power inside it. Now let’s understand what kind of changes to expect.

Apple plans to launch two variants of Macbook Pro 14-inch(J314) and 16-inch(J316) in June 2021. The new Macbook Pro will have a completely redesigned chassis and an edge-to-edge display, Magsafe charger, and more ports. Apple was previously criticized for dropping SD-Card and HDMI ports, both these ports might also be included in new Macbook Pro. Both Macbook Pro are high-end models focused on performance and will come with two different chips, Jade C-Chops & Jade C-Die.

Both the chips include 8 high-performance cores and 2 power-efficient cores but will be offered in 16 or 32 graphics cores. The high-performance cores will kick-off for more complex jobs while for the most ideal workload power-efficient core will handle things and give the maximum battery backup. An improved neural engine and RAM up to 64GB, more thunderbolt ports and SD-Card, HDMI, and other ports.

MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, A new Mac workstation will launch in September or October apple event. The new chip which I like to call M2 is targeted to defeat the high-end Desktop processors offered by Intel and AMD. This will surely mean Apple taking over more of windows laptops territory and converted windows users to mac users. Another good reason to wait for the new Macbook launch is to get a better deal. Once the new Macs are out the price of the current macs will slide down and you will get a better deal and will be able to save money.

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