Why You Should Play Video Games?

1958 the year when the first video was introduced to the world. Since, that day scientists from around the globe are researching the negatives and positives of video games. Video games are not just stress busters but also great brain trainer. Several researchers claim that video games can improve brain functions. The biggest drawback is addiction. However, video game addiction is not that common and can be avoided easily.

The Benefits

Video games are great for busting stress. They help in upgrading brains and improving cognitive functions. In the late ’90s research by Daphne Bavelier and C. Shawn Green proved that video games can aid in neuroplasticity. Video Games which require reflexes, reaction time and hand-eye coordination help improve cognitive functions in the long run. In the July 2016 issue of Scientific American, noted

“Individuals who regularly play action games, display improved ability to focus on visual details, useful for reading fine prints in legal documents. They also display heightened sensitivity to visual contrast, important when driving in fog. It also improved ability to multitask”. 3D games can improve brain learning and memory abilities as discovered in this research. Another study from the University of London showed that video games can improve strategic thinking and mental agility.

I have been playing action video games since I turned 13. Thankfully, I am not a game addict but I can say video games played a very important role in making me a fast learner, good strategist, sensitive to visual details, good at pattern recognition and formation, and much more.


The main culprit for game addiction is dopamine. There is no fixed time for playing video games to avoid addiction it’s different for individuals. Like Ninja can play for 12hrs a day, I can play for up to 5-6hrs a day. It’s different for everyone. The simple rule of thumb is don’t let gaming come in between your everyday life. Don’t play more than 1hr consistently if you are under 18. Give yourself a break from gaming for one day per week or month and observe if you get heightened urges to play games. If urges become uncontrollable then you are in the early stage of addiction and stopping games for 21 days will reset your brain.

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