Oneplus Wireless Z Earphones: Not For Gamers

The wireless earphone market has exploded in the past 2 years. Better and smarter wireless earphones launch every day. But, the combination of features, aesthetics, and premium sound quality is what makes one plus wireless z earphones still the best in the sub-2000INR or 30$ price bracket. But not everything is perfect, and these earphones also have one major flaw, let’s explore in detail.

Aesthetics and Durability

I bought the signature OnePlus red variant of these earphones. The earbuds are built with glossy plastic which makes them look premium but now as durable as metal. The rubberized neckband makes it more skin-friendly. There is a 9.2mm dynamic driver for bass. The wire is thick enough to hold some stress. It comes with extra ear tips and lets you choose which one to use. The placement of inline controls and mic is just right for comfortable key pressing.

Sound & Battery

OnePlus wireless Z offers 17hrs of battery backup on bass edition and 20hrs on normal. When you connect the ear tips with an inbuilt magnet the earphone turns off and when you separate them it runs on automatically. This feature helps save battery. It also supports warp charge which can give you 10hr of battery backup with 10 min of charge. When it comes to sound it offers a well-balanced sound signature. The bass is not too low and not too high it’s just right. The vocals are clear and perfect on low or high volume. Doesn’t have any issue of sound distortion at high volumes.

But if you love powerful bass then you might not like these that much. I am from a Sennheiser background and I can say this earphone is the closest to Sennheiser cx213 sound quality with added loudness. Now if you are a gamer then you will be disappointed with its 300-400ms latency which is high enough to get you killed during a game. It does have a low latency mode but that only works with OnePlus smartphones.


Best wireless earphones under 2000 for you if you love balanced sound signature and are not a gamer.

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