Motorola Edge 20 Series: OverPriced

Motorola Once known as the budget king has lost its magic. Sadly, Motorola no more produces exceptional value smartphones. Motorola Edge series is the top-of-the-line Motorola smartphone lineup. The Company refreshed the series for the 5G era but still, the devices remain overpriced. When you compare it to the competition these devices fall far behind. In few markets where smartphone competition is not super heavy, these smartphones might shine.

Design & Display

There is no doubt Motorola Edge 20 Pro is one of the best-designed smartphones. It is the flagship device in the series. It comes with color options with different materials: there is a version with glass and one with leather back. The Edge 20 is built with Aluminum with a plastic back and the Edge 20 lite is built with polycarbonate. All phones have water repellant. Edge 20 Pro has gorilla glass 5, Edge 20 got gorilla glass 3, Edge 20 lite has no screen protection.

All three feature the same 6.7inch 144Hz Oled Panel, HDR10+ certification, and can display up to a billion colors. Edge 20 lite has a 90Hz refresh rate. All of them have a punch-hole front camera and in-display fingerprint.


This is where things start to get interesting. Edge 20 Pro features a Snapdragon 870 Processor which is in no way a flagship processor. Edge 20 features Snapdragon 778 and Edge 20 lite features a budget processor Mediatek Dimensity 720. None of the processors justify the price. Edge 20 and Edge 20 lite feature up to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. Edge 20 Pro features up to 256GB storage and 12 GB RAM. All three devices feature 30W Turbo Charge. Edge 20 lite has the biggest battery 5000mah followed by Edge 20 Pro 4500mah and Edge 20 4000mah.


All three devices feature a 108MP main sensor. The Camera module of Edge 20 and Edge 20 Pro is similar except for the zoom. The Pro model features Periscope 5X Zoom and Edge 20 features 3X Optical zoom. Both also feature 16MP ultra-wide and 16MP front cameras. The Edge 20 lite has no optical zoom 8Mp ultra-wide and 2MP macro sensor. Which is again nothing for the price.


A smartphone should at least have a lifespan of 2-3 years. In 2-3 Years Mediatek 720 performance won’t be able to meet everyday demand and Snapdragon 870 will fail to sustain itself as a flagship performer. It’s Motorola has designed these for a specific customer base. Only for those who need a superior smartphone outlook but don’t really care about how the device performs. Among all three Edge, 20 lite is the worst device. Pricing: Edge 20 Pro: 830$, Edge 20: 593$, Edge 20 lite: 415$. There is no innovation and therefore it’s safe to say all these devices are highly overpriced.

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