Huawei P50 Pro: Magically PowerLess

Ever since the Google ban came to the light it was believed that Huawei’s future is over. But Huawei prepared for the doomsday way before the google ban. Harmony OS brought Huawei smartphones back to life. Harmony OS is similar to android but only powerful and fast. All future Huawei smartphones are likely to be powered by Harmony OS. However, the devices will still lack access to Google apps to which there is a solution to some extent. Now let’s talk about the device itself


The camera has always been the highlight of Huawei’s P series smartphone. Every time a P series smartphone launches it breaks all previous camera records. The story is no different this time. Huawei P50 Pro took the #1 spot on the DXOMARK website and stands as the best camera smartphone in the world. It features a Quad camera setup 50MP Primary sensor, 40MP monochrome sensor, 13MP ultrawide, and 60MP telephoto. It also supports slow-motion 1080p@960fps. There is also a 13MP selfie camera that supports 1080p@240fps. All the cameras support 4K recording. You can read the full camera review on the DXOMARK website for a better insight.


Elegance is the word that I use for Huawei devices. Every P series design is more elegant, pure, and pleasing than before. The P50 Pro brings in an eye-like camera module. They are calling it a Dual Matrix design maybe because each eye got two cameras. 158.8mm tall, 72.8mm wide, and 8.5mm depth with 195gm in weight makes it one of the compact ultra-premium devices. 6.6inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rates and 1 billion colors adds to the ultra-rich design. The display is curved to the edges. IP68 rated for splash, water, and dust resistance.


The P50 Pro will be powered by Snapdragon 888 in some regions and Kirin 9000 in others. Both processors are super powerful. But snapdragon 888 is the hyper performer. The device will launch with 8GB + 256GB storage. But the bad thing here is it won’t support 5G. Why? because of US sanctions, Huawei loses its ability to power its smartphones with 5G. It also comes with a 4360mah battery and supports 66W fast charging.


We see P50 Pro is a strong bet. But the problem is it is an ultra-premium smartphone. And ultra-premium smartphones can’t compromise on 5G. When you are spending 1000$ on a device you expect it to work for at least 2-3 years. But as 5G lacks in this device who knows when it will be obsolete. In the end, Huawei P50 Pro fails to provide the value that the current market is looking for in an ultra-premium smartphone.

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