How to Activate Vi Volte

In the era of 4G VoLTE service is a must to enjoy the best 4G services. The biggest merit of VoLTE is better call quality. Almost all telecom networks in India support VoLTE service. But some users might face an issue. Your device might support VoLTE but the sim icon doesn’t show the VoLTE icon. There are two parts to VoLTE technology. One is whether the smartphone supports it, and another is whether the service is activated on your SIM Card.

I am using Vi sim card in my Samsung Galaxy M31. My device supports VoLTE but the service wasn’t active on my sim card. I found out about it yesterday. Now the question is how do you activate VoLTE services. Well, the process is pretty simple you need to call the customer care of your respective telecom network. I think 199 is the default number for all telecom operators. If it doesn’t ring in the IVR just google the number.

Next, navigate in the IVR and connect to the customer care executive. For VI the navigation is 1215, when connected ask the customer care executive to active VoLTE on your sim card. After you receive the confirmation message just restart your device and the VoLTE icon will appear. If you have any questions drop them in the comments.

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