Macbook Pro 2021: More Powerful And More Expensive

MacBook Pro 2021 was expected to launch in July 2021. But, it appears the launch has been delayed for this fall. MacBook Pro 2021 will launch with some really huge upgrades. Finally, a redesigned MacBook pro will be presented to the public. An edge to edge display, more ports, and much more powerful performance can be expected. But that’s not, there will also be an upgraded price for the new macs.

MacBook Pro 2021 will be powered by M1X chipset which will be much more powerful than M1 and both 14inch and 16inch MacBooks will feature the same chipset and exactly same performance. But, apple has always kept its high performance macs for peak pricing. The current top of the line macbook starts at 2399$ while the 14inch m1 macbook starts at 1299$. Dylandkt a famous apple leaker said in his tweet both the macs will have identical performance.

He also confirmed that the price hike is inevitable. And the pricing will be somewhere close to 1799$ for 14 inch MacBook Pro which could exactly be same as older intel based MacBook Pro. Because, both the 14 inch and 16inch macs will be similar we can expect the pricing to range from 1799$ to 2399$. But the final pricing will be revealed by Apple in its October event.

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