Why typing speed is crucial for beginner programmers?

When you start your journey as a programmer you don’t want to focus on hours of typing practice instead you want to use that time to learn more coding stuff. But, if you learn typing side by side your coding will give you many benefits. The average typing speed is 45WPM and the same goes for programmers. But, a beginner’s average typing speed is 15WPM which is at least 1/3 of the world average.

This clearly means the beginner who doesn’t know typing will take at least 3 times more time to type the same piece of code than an average programmer. It also means at least 1/2 the productivity of the average programmer. And the beginner will end up wasting atleast 50% of his learning time-wasting because of his slow typing speed. When you know typing you will experience an increase in your learning speed.

You will end being more productive. Because, you can code faster and you can reply to your professional texts faster, you can prepare documentation faster. You can comment faster. At least a 30% boost in learning time and a 40% increase in productivity. And if you can increase your typing speed to the 70-80WPM range then you will experience a whole new world of speed and productivity. Faster typing speed will also allow you to relax more during your 8hrs work week.

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