Oneplus Buds Pro and AirPods Pro: Which is better?

 There is a war between OnePlus buds Pro and AirPods Pro these days! So let’s find the right side! 

Design & Build Quality

With matte-black and white colorways, OnePlus is attractive to users, it seems both gothic and noble at the same time. But of course, users not only want the look but also functionality. Even if waterproof technology and dust protection are not on a level that people expect in any product, still an important feature and a strong reason to be picked. OnePlus obviously spent too much effort on this feature. Also, they definitely have better waterproof than AirPods, OnePlus case has water resistance too, unfortunately, the AirPods case won’t provide the same protection as the OnePlus do. 

Noise Cancellation & Sound

OnePlus offers three noise-canceling modes, but even with the extreme mode, I wouldn’t say that they achieved their goal. AirPods can clean the noise around very well, so I would vote for AirPods on that feature. Microphone with ANC off, both are okay to me for a wireless device, despite that robotic sound. Listening to music with buds gives a deeper sound and not disturbing the ear or brain, can’t say the same with AirPods on max volume. However, the sound quality on both is pretty equivalent.


The latency, one of the main criteria to gamers; with IOS devices, AirPods works very well; a 0.21-second delay, but with OnePlus and android, it’s 0.13 seconds. If the user has an android device and tries to use AirPods, it’s going to be up to 0.46 seconds here, while OnePlus shows a 0.33 seconds delay with IOS. 

And of course the price, OnePlus buds came out with $149 and AirPods Pro $249

Battery Life

And to everybody, the most important part of all is the battery. They both have wireless charging, OnePlus offers 5 hours playtime, and that goes up to 38 hours with charging case and ANC off! AirPods won’t be that generous; it’s 4.5 hours to 24 hours with a charging case. OnePlus also offers a 10 hours playtime to only a 10 minutes charging. It’s 1 hour on AirPods with 5 minutes of charging

Smart Features

AirPods has voice activation and announced messages with Siri. That sounds important because users want to be connected to their stuff, so being able to, in a hasty manner, communicate to the device, I think a bit helps to product to sell itself. 

Also, worth mentioning that warp charging requires a USB-C connection, otherwise, earbuds won’t be recharged that quick. We all respect the creators and we can see the effort behind those products, but with a fair price, protection from environmental effects, and to get a clear, loud music experience in my gym day, I say OnePlus won that war leaving AirPods behind.

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