Lenovo Chromebook Duet: ReImagined

When it comes to tablets, users are used to seeing high prices. Lenovo Chromebook Duet has changed that very quickly, and the opinion about “if it’s not Apple it’s weak” for tablets, well not anymore. Also, that’s not just a tablet, it’s also a laptop. Let’s see. 

Design & Ports

I wanted to mention this in the first line because Chromebook did a great job with this section. First of all, the look is amazing. With a price of $289 users expects something not that pretty, I would say easily; it looks noble, stunning. Users can use it with a keyboard and still can use the touchscreen. Also, a sweet backpiece comes with the product, charger, and a USB C jack adapter. After that, with its Ice Blue & Iron Grey design, you don’t feel like holding a $290 device. However, the laptop includes only one USB-C port and that could be a disadvantage for some.


With its 10.1 inches touchscreen and 1920X1200 resolution, Chromebook says I will crash that bazaar’s heart! With no px problems, they killed it. Watching videos, even playing mobile games are cool.  

Battery & Performance 

Being able to use a device for 10 hours? That sounds good. Of course, according to usage rate and how hard the users go on it, this can change, but it’s up to 10 hours, that’s great. It includes a 7000mah Lithium-ion polymer battery, and its ability to use juice; just amazing. Powered by Mediatek Helio P60T it is good for normal day tasks but lacks the horsepower for serious multitasking. Having 128 GB storage on a device like that will be very useful, good for work, good for study. And it’s not that heavy as well, only 1lbs.

Camera & Keyboard

The camera is also good, not perfect of course, but it’s enough if the user needs to make a team meeting online, it will make the work with 2MP fixed-focus front-facing camera with an LED indicator. The only negative side, if you try hard to find one, can be its keyboard key spacing, it’s a bit tight, but that’s a minion model so I am fine with that. And an 8MP autofocus rear-facing camera.


That product looks very convenient for students, limited budgets, it just gives too much for its price. It looks good, works well, everything in one, and if that goes on like this, those Chromebooks will just run the whole market upside down!!! Take your seat!!

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  1. Ahmet Sar
    September 11, 2021

    Lenovo looks really idaali with this year’s version…

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