Why iPhone 13 is not worth buying?

Every year millions of iPhones are sold. People switch their old devices with new iPhones. But, not every iPhone is worth spending 1000$. Just look at the previous three iPhones the biggest difference is performance. But, spec leaks suggest this year the iPhone will get a huge upgrade on camera, performance, and battery. Keeping that in mind is it worth spending 1000$? Especially for those who can use their smartphone for at least one more year?

The simple answer is No. iPhone 13 is not worth the upgrade if you can hold on to your current smartphone for one more year. iPhone 13 will have a similar look to the iPhone 12 with slimmer bezels. Same form factor and pricing scheme. Just a small bump in camera, performance, and battery with the new iOS version. But, why should you wait for iPhone 14? iPhone 14 will feature a bezel-less edge-to-edge display.

The A16 chip which will power iPhone 14 will be a power mammoth. The battery size will drastically increase, charging speed will be upgraded. Under display fingerprint and a whole new design. And that’s not it there will also be a budget variant of iPhone 14 with the same A16 chip for those who just need performance. Now, Apple is gonna create a fake hype around iPhone 13 again just like they did with iPhone 12. Don’t fall for the trap. Be wise to wait for one more year and get an iPhone worthy of spending 1000$.

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