iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: The Better Flagship

What do you expect from a phone? Good photos? Easy and fast communication? Excellent gaming experience? Mind-blowing design? Well, seems like all companies are aware of the fact that users want them all in one. iPhone 12 and Samsung Z Flip 3, both offer great features in their own ways, but the question is which one will be perfect for you? 

Design & Build

Both are well built with an eye-catching design. The foldable screen can be an advantage for Samsung, just because it looks cool. Samsung has a 6.7 inches screen, bigger than iPhone, which has 6.1 inches. Seems like they both gave up on the sharp angles. Also, Samsung has 4 different color options, lavender, cream, phantom black, and green. The folding area on Samsung is protected by the “Aluminium Armor”.

Samsung has claimed that Flip 3 can survive for 30 mins under water, till almost 2 meters. Actually, they proved that with an IPX8. But iPhone has done a better job with waterproofing, it’s 6 meters! And also users don’t need to worry about dust! Samsung provides its best screen protection to this model; Gorilla Glass: Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™. On the other hand, iPhone has knock proof windscreen now, stainless steel casings… need to say, they both are their best version with those models. 


They both have 12 MP cameras. iPhone has too many pros with its camera, ultra-wide lenses, almost %10 more colors, 12 MP front camera. The Night mode is pretty well done also, but I can’t say the same for videos on night mode, but it’s marvelous on photo mode, can’t deny that! With 6 different filter choices, users can make their photos look more professional.

As I have detected so far, professional photographers are interested in iPhone 12. Samsung also has a front camera but unfortunately, it’s 10 MP. The ultra-wide camera that Samsung offers almost gives the user a fisheye vision. But here is a personal conviction; even with all the super-strong features, iPhone has, some contrast issues. But again that depends on personal preference.


One of the most important features of a phone, definitely the sound quality, and I loved that Samsung has that deep and clear sound. Radio stations are not that famous these days but Samsung keeps adding to phones, IPhone’s not interested in it at all. The first thing I looked at was the sound while gaming, Samsung gives extremely high-quality voice besides its great visual experience. iPhone’s sound was too raw for me. But it was more detailed than Samsung.  

Performance & Battery

Seems like companies want users to use wireless charging. I mean, a lot. I can’t find any other explanation for a 6.5 hours screen-on time that Z Flip 3 offers. After all, tiny z is tiny with a battery too!! The same disappointment appears with iPhone 12 too, users can use their phones for 6hours and 41 minutes, that’s not what we expect technology to go but, yeah that’s what we have now. Both phones allow us to watch 4K Videos at 60 fps, but on the photo side, iPhone gives more efficient results with 460 PPI.

iPhone 12 outperforms every smartphone in the current market. Though Samsung offers 8GB RAM & SD888 and iPhone 4GB the numbers don’t matter when it comes to iPhones. Apple A14 Bionic makes all the difference. iPhone 12 easily offers better long-lasting performance than Samsung. But Samsung offers you a 120Hz refresh rate while iPhone 12 is still stuck at 60Hz.

Special Features

Special features seem to help companies to sell their products. While presenting a phone, mag cases, protective cases, etc. Comes with it immediately. Samsung’s more squared structure and taller body make it possible to feel more comfortable while gaming. Besides all that, users can limit the battery charging with %85, that’s an option if users want to use it, the explanation for this is to protect battery life, and not to stress a phone with %100 battery charge. I don’t appreciate the companies new policy about not giving headphones etc while buying the phone, but both iPhone and Samsung practicing that, I hope that helps to decrease the carbon emission rate which is very high lately. 


If you want a cool foldable smartphone then the Samsung Z flip 3 is your only choice. But if you don’t care about folding buy iPhone 12 save 300$ and enjoy better cameras, powerful performance, and much more.

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