Sony Announced Little Big Planet Dead

Sony announced that their journey with Little Big Planet is over.

Little Big Planet, which has huge importance amongst all PS games, has come to the end of its 13 years journey. But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that it’s erased from the future and past!!

Sony announced that they have closed all online services. Players can still play the story modes of the game though. With another saying; multiplayer gaming and communities are not available for Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet 3(PS3), and Little Big Planet ps vista. Besides that, players can still play the story mode. Sony had already shut all their servers of the game down because of the DDOS attacks and aggressive messages

Since 2008, when MediaMolecule published the Little Big Planet, the game has been hyped very fast and it is still very much loved by its players, that didn’t change for years and still.
After all that caused something good –developers updated Little Big Planet 3’s PS4 version, and servers of the game have become alive again!! Not too much but, it’s a bit comforting.

Our readers who know about this game, I know that you can feel the pain Little Big Planet players has now, if you want to learn about this old but gold game, let me tell you a bit about it. The characters are pretty cute in this game and they are customizable. You can choose your characters’ clothes, colors. Collect items, solve puzzles and explore that great world of the game. You can co-operate with your friends. Also, you can interact with the environment that the game offers you, and every new era that you explore will bring you new challenges to beat.

The game is for 7+^ages, I don’t recommend that game to children, I usually don’t recommend parents to allow their children play any games.. so, while children becoming an individual, it may be not the best idea to present them a world with babydolls. After saw with your own eyes, and decide what to do, don’t forget that you can’t play some versions with friends anymore.

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  1. Ahmet Sar
    September 18, 2021

    It seemed ridiculous to me that a big brand like Sony could not find a solution to ddos attacks and show it as causing a game shutdown, it should not have stepped into the gaming world…

    • September 22, 2021

      Sony used to be one of the trustworthy companies in the market. But, now it just keeps losing its ability to produce high quality products

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