Laptop Buying Guide For Gamers

From 7 to 70 ages, everybody is a gamer now, but it’s 2021 and what computer should we choose? Without spending too much, let’s take a look if we can get a good one! 


GPU and CPU are two vital components for gaming. However, most games are GPU bound yet CPU performance is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. If you are a budget gamer the general rule is to spend 1/3 on budget on CPU and 2/3 budget on GPU.

As 4K resolution comes with a slower display while trying to get new technology, don’t get trapped, look for what you need, not what the market sells. Choosing a screen, I, myself, always choose a speedy one with a good resolution. A higher refresh rate display leads to a better gaming experience.

Storage is everything to gamers, so don’t be cheap and don’t hesitate to put your money on that.  Some games like the Assassin Creed series require a huge amount of space, so you don’t want to delete a game to play another, it’s a pain in the air. But if you can’t afford it currently, you can think that some laptops allow us to upgrade the storage later, try to choose one of those. 

Battery life can’t be too long on any gaming laptop, a few of them gives 8 hours or more, so you will need a power supply to get the best performance anyway.  

The keyboard is our hands while playing the game, so we need a perfect one, can’t relate with a stiff one, so be careful while choosing, should be smooth and easy to find our keys without looking especially in an online game.  

Headsets, we love to feel the game we play, so the sound is important, to get the best out of gameplay, we need a good headset. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive one to give us that feeling, brands like Rampage and SteelSeries produce solid and qualified products for this, try to catch on discount days, that is the main move to get something cheaper than it is already. 


Buying a graphic card is hard these days because there are plenty of options in the market.  The latest graphic cards RTX-30 series are perfect but hard to afford for too many people, so, many people have changed their route to AMD, which is not exactly very cheap, but..yeah. Radeon RX 5000M series can be your choice for more performance.

If you are an entry-level gamer and don’t think that you need to use high settings, you can use RTX1080 or 20 series, they are cheaper than the 30s and honestly, are worth investing in. But ıf you want max settings and don’t mind about the money too much, the RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti are the most powerful 20-series cards out there and will allow, if you will play, for smoother VR and special effects. Worth mentioning that since the 30s are on the market, and games are evolving in a very advanced place, it’s hard to promise anything. 

CPU, RAM, and Storage

On the RAM side, you should have 16GB RAM for real, but GTX 1650 and 1660TI  mostly comes with 8GB, and it’s good for average productivity. If you think you can upgrade the memory later to 16GB, it’s okay, many laptops allow users to do it. On the storage side, as I just said, I don’t recommend being mingy. A laptop with both SSD and HDD is a great idea. Most gaming laptops come with only a hard drive, and you might want to check on this issue while buying. Like memory, storage is often upgradable, if you need space, don’t hesitate to get a 2TB SSD. 


Most laptops have 15 or 17-inch screens, but there are 14 and 18 options too, so this is very personal to choose, to get the best feeling from games, best to get a big one though. Resolution is one of the most important issues of a game, so never get anything less than a 1920X1080 display. Some gaming notebooks, especially on the high-end, encourage technologies that sync the display with the graphics cards, which eliminates screen tearing and ghosting. Worth paying attention to. Never, ever get a touch screen!! You have a keyboard and you are a gamer, not a paintress!! It kills battery life and makes the screen shiny!! 


That’s personal but mechanical keys, and a 2mm-distanced-key keyboard will let you play more efficiently. 


You can never count on a gaming laptop’s battery life. Period. But, don’t go for anything less than 6hrs.

In The End 

You should think and find the best laptop for you and try to track the market, as games getting better and minimum requirements to play keep changing, try to get one that will last at least a few years for you. But realize that battery life is not going to help you while working for hours. Careful with GPU and don’t fool by appearance ever. They just want to sell, we will be looking deep, not the surface!!

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  1. Ahmet Sar
    September 18, 2021

    In my opinion, if a person wants to play a game and have a good experience, I recommend a desktop computer instead of a laptop, desktop computer performance will be more beautiful and high-quality, of course, this varies from person to person, as the price is focused on gaming performance.

    • September 22, 2021

      I totally agree. Desktops are much better for gaming. But there are people who love playing game but also want comfort of carrying their machine from place to place. So, yeah it depends on person to person

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