Amazfit Neo-Retro: A Cool Watch

We want technology to be improved as a new product comes out. We want to see it fast, small, and cheap. What would you expect a smartwatch to provide you? Good looks? Cheap? Waterproof? Let’s see what Amazfit Neo-Retro presents us.

Dandyish Is The New Trend

First, it is good looking watch, if you like the style of the 80s, you will love this toy. The retro-style was very hyped in the market lately and this watch has implemented that trend very well. The watch has grey, black and red color options. It’s only 32 gm, it gives a feeling like it’s not even there. Has a little screen, but very functional for its price and size. Its screen is monochrome and that supports its retro appearance very well. Its cord is very thin; 20mm. Waterproofing up to 50meteres underwater.

Charger Issues

There is no issue with its battery. It’s going to work for 28 days after a full charge. There may be only one problem if you look for it and it’s its charger has no magnets, you will just find the right spot to charge the device. But that’s not a big problem as we all use smartphones.


To start the device, users need to download an application to their phone, named Zepp, from Huami. After you coupled them with each other, if you want to use the watch on its own, you won’t need the phone again. But if you set the settings from the menu, you can get notifications from your phone. The watch doesn’t allow us to use it as a phone to answer calls or preview the messages, you will see an icon for them on the screen. If you set an alarm, you need to use the Zepp, and the watch will warn you when the time comes.

Unfortunately, Amazfit has no vibration to warn you, you will only hear its voice, it’s slightly annoying, so I’m sure you will wake up immediately. If you lose the watch you can kind of call it through the app. It also has details such as the over-sitting warning and the heart rate warning that you can set, but it cannot track stress and measure oxygen in the blood. That sounds normal, considering its price; 30 to 40 dollars right now.

In The End

It’s not expensive and if you are a fan of the retro trend, you should get one. But if you want to get a more functional device than Neo, you may like devices like Band 5.

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