ViewSonic’s M2E Gets It Done!

In today’s world, while buying stuff, users are careful about the features. Buying a device, that can help both users’ business life also social life is a good opportunity for workers. Here we see that ViewSonic kept that in mind with m2E. With an antibacterial remote controller and its meteor grey and white options, M2e passes the vibe check!  


The display is what those devices should provide to users, of course, but ViewSonic has made some crazy advances with this M2e. ViewSonic has announced that M2e Smart Projector genuinely considers users’ eye health and reflects almost no blue color. Also; 

  • At 1.6m distance, the device provides 60”, 
  • At 2.1m distance, the device provides 80”, 
  • At 2.7m distance, the device provides 100” 
  • At 3m and more, the device provides up to 120 inches display.  

Resolution is everything for a device like that and M2e supports from VGA ( 640×480) to Full HD (1920×1080). With 1000 LED Lumen and 1.07 milliard color support, the videos, the games users wish to play, all are almost a real-life experience. Also, that 1000 LED Lumen light source has 30.000 hours of usage rate, so the experience is almost forever.  

Fast Focus Ever! 

Also, M2e has the best ToF (Time-of-Flight) in the market. That feature allows the device to measure the distance between itself and the wall or curtain, and it focuses the images in under 1 second. That’s fast and useful. With that advanced quick-focus and auto-side-correction, users don’t need to set the angle for their view, in every angle, the display is nice.  

A Co-operative Device! 

M2e can be used with all devices, it has HDMI, USB-C, USB reader, Micro SD, and Wi-Fi. The devices that users will be using have to be supporting USB-C video broadcast. Worth mentioning that iPhone and iPad devices require an approved Lightning HDMI adapter. With Nintendo Switch, users can play their games with a bigger screen too, to connect all devices with Wi-Fi, the user’s device and M2e must be connected to the same network. Besides that, to use a phones app with M2e, users must have the ViewSonic vCastSender app.  

Battery Issues

With USB-C, if users have a power bank with them, it’s easy to use the M2e outdoor easily. On a camp trip, that feature will be very useful. But the power bank should be at least 45W(15 V/3A) and it should be supporting the power delivery output.  


M2e has Harman/Kardon’s speakers (x2), which is very trustworthy to its users. The hearable voice is 26dB-24dB, which is pretty enough for a presentation or movie to watch. But if users need a louder sound, with BlueTooth, the connection to other speakers is always available. Also, M2e can be used as a speaker itself too, just after users connect their phone. 


The last thing I would care about in a projector is, honestly its storage capacity. M2e has 16GB of storage capacity, but it uses 6GB of that for its system. So without connecting any other devices, users can use its 10GB storage to watch whatever they wish to.  


M2e supports 23 languages, which is very lovely for a device like that, from Turkish to English, Spanish to Portuguese. 

How To Carry 

As it’s very little and airy to carry, users can use its bag, which comes within its box. M2e is just 1kg. The box includes a charger cable, a USB-C cable(1m), an antibacterial remote controller, bag.  


Its price, unfortunately, didn’t make me happy, but with all those features, it’s worth it. $600 is not something to throw away, So if you don’t need movie theatre experience at home and such portability then you can use something cheaper. The M2e for a presentation for their job and then go to a camp place and have some fun with their friends. That is what this portable device offers to its users. But its price concerns me the most. In a tight budget, if that’s not a must for your life, I don’t think it’s smart to buy.

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