iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12

Which is better, or is there any better?

The iPhone 13 family has been revealed recently. All four models seem to have the previously leaked features. But Apple, this time having a hard time with users, because, people almost think that Apple just changed the place of the camera and now trying to sell it. But is it so? Let’s see what they changed since the last model, and see if it is worth buying!

Design: Quite Familiar

Talking about iPhones, I always think of the design. Since iPhones were a symbol of new and different looks. But, Apple can not apply that to its products anymore. We can’t say that iPhone 13 looks bad, it is kind of cool actually, but it’s almost the same as 12. Seems like they just put one camera to another side, and that was fine by their designers. Of course, it’s been made for some system changes but, it does just not seem different, here, this is what we are looking for now.

Even color options have decreased; only 5; pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and product red. That was six with iPhone 12; black, white, red, green, blue, and purple. The blue, which was the best seller of 12, seems like protected its throne -partly- with 12 Pro’s blue version on iPhone 13. iPhone 13 doesn’t look bad, but the point of this phone is definitely not its look!

Both models have the same sizes, 6.1 inches Super Retina XDR OLED, they both have 60hz screens. Worth mentioning that, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have the 120HZ screen. They both have ceramic shield technology, which makes the screen more foolproof and solid. With the screen, iPhone 13 has some improvement and the 625 nits luminosity has increased on iPhone 13 to 800 Nits.

The Camera looks just fine!

iPhone 13, has a main camera with 12 Megapixels wide and an f/1.6 diaphragm. Just like iPhone 12, 13 has ultra-wide and wide camera features. What makes iPhone 13 different can be determined as the improvements that Apple made for the camera’s night mode and cinematic mode. Also, iPhone 13 has a few extras with its front camera, while they both have the same Truedepth camera, iPhone 13 offers, photographic styles, smart HDR4, Dolby Vision 4K video with 60FPS, and also a cinematic mode for video recording. While iPhone 12 only has the Sensor-Shift OİS on its Pro model, iPhone 13 has it basically, Also the sensor has been improved and now gets 50 percent more of the light.

Battery Life

On the battery side, iPhone 13 has a little bit of advantage; iPhone 12 has 2.815 mAh, and it’s 3.095 mAh on iPhone 13, approximately, 1.5 hours more battery life, which is still not too much.


Apple claims A15 is 50% faster than the competition which puts it slightly ahead of A14. This means the A15 is just a little faster and a little more efficient than A14. Last year iPhone 12 was released with 64/128/256 GB storage options, this year iPhone 13 started it with 128GB and it goes up to 1 TB. Wireless charging is not a surprise anymore on any device and both 12 and 13 have it. Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax are also mutual.

They both have an IP68 certificate that proves their water resistance. iPhone 12 is lighter than 13 and has a 162-gram weight, which is 173 on iPhone 13. Another consociated feature on both devices is that they both can be charged with MagSafe accessories. They both have 4GB RAM.

How about prices?

iPhone 13’s starting prices are; iPhone 13; $799, mini ; $699, Pro; $999, and iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099. İPhone 12 was starting with $649. As it’s a new product, I think those prices will be decreased.

In The End…

The way apple prices its iPhones is the real reason for its success. iPhone 12 is 649$ and iPhone 13 is 799$. And when you look at the improvements iPhone 13 becomes appealing for an extra 149$ you get better performance, camera, more battery life, and more ios updates. But, should you upgrade your current iPhone? No. Should you buy iPhone 13 over iPhone 12? Yes, only if you are desperate. I would advise waiting for iPhone 14 because it’s gonna be a completely redesigned masterpiece.

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