SSD vs HDD: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard me recommending an SSD laptop over an HDD laptop even if it means paying few extra bucks. But, what exactly is the difference between SSD and HDD and how much can they affect your laptops performance. SSD and HDD are basically two of the modern storage types. SSD stands for solid-state drive and HDD stands for Hard disk drives.

The Differences

  • HDD is a legacy technology and its internal structure is something like a turntable record player. SSDs are new technology and they make use of integrated circuits to store data.
  • HDD are basically large storage devices whereas SSDs can be as small as gum sticks.
  • Speed is where things get interesting. SSDs can offer up to 20x faster speeds compared to HDD which leads to better laptop performance especially for things like video editing, coding, and stuff where you read and write a lot of data on disk.
  • SSDs are much expensive compared to HDD but the cost difference is gradually decreasing.
  • HDDs are now basically used to store a large chunk of data like videos, photos, and stuff that you don’t use every day. SSDs are becoming the primary storage choice for every machine for better speed and reliability.

There are many other differences between the two but let’s not get too technical and keep it simple. Here is a piece of advice if you see a machine that offers an SSD and an HDD always select the SSD option if you can afford to pay that extra dollar. But, never ever trade RAM or Processor for SSD that’s not worth it.

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