Honor 50: only honors the vloggers’ time.

After the Google Huawei mayhem. Honor is back with another flagship killer

After a while, Honor is back with their new smartphone Honor 50, released in June 2021. This phone costs INR 34,390, has 6.5 inches display, has Snapdragon 778 processor, and comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The storage isn’t expandable. It has four back cameras and one front camera for selfie mode.

Sleek and Aesthetic

Honor designs some of the best-looking smartphones in the market. And this is no exception. The design of this phone is sleek and good-looking. It has a shiny, sparkly, almost holographic back cover, and it comes in three different pastel shades. All of which look pretty and eye-catching. Honor provides its own transparent cover with the phone, which doesn’t interfere with the attention-grabbing back. Though it is not waterproof.

The Downs: Display, Camera, Fastness

Because Honor 50 isn’t a flagship smartphone, it isn’t as quick as other phones can be. The Snapdragon 778 processor is faster than their previous phones, but not enough to beat its competition.

The cameras on this phone are good, but the quality varies greatly with every picture. It lacks consistency in the sharpness of the image and the color saturation. Despite having four cameras on the back, none of the settings work great for a picture.

Honor 50 is a phone with the slightly above-average display quality. It features an OLED Curved panel which looks stunning but quality in average in this price range. 120Hz refresh rate means faster response but it doesn’t feature LTPO tech to auto alter refresh rate.

The Ups: Video, Battery Life

Honor pushed this smartphone forward for vlogging. The camera works better for videos, and there are several modes a person can switch to for their filming. This phone allows for recording from both front and back cameras at the same time. Along with this, there are several settings for the same dual recordings.

Besides this, the phone provides various examples for different recording formats. For vertical videos, and for other kinds. This is unique to Honor 50. No other smartphone has this option, along with the several dual recording modes. The power management of this phone is impeccable. The charge provides super-quick charging (since it’s a 66watts charger) and the battery holds out for a long time.


The company tried to come back with a smartphone and make a bang, but they succeeded in only a click. This phone is only good for content creators who focus more on video creations, or for those who like taking videos more.

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