Mi 11x Pro: Is slightly above average worth it?

Xiaomi’s phones have more focus on their display quality and picture quality, followed by their cameras. A great asset of their phones is the cost price.

Xiaomi Mi 11x Pro is a model released in April 2021 in India. This is a new version of the previously released Xiaomi Mi 11x from the company. Its baseline cost stands at INR 39,999 in India. It has a 6.67” display, has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This new model has a fast processor, Snapdragon 888. It comes with 3 in-built cameras and 1 front camera. One of the rear cameras has 108MP, and one is a “telemacro” camera.

Average Design

Mi 11x Pro’s selling point is not design. In fact, the previous version (Mi 11x) might be better in this aspect. The new version has a reflective back, instead of matte like the previous one, and it has very basic glass protection like any other phone. It has sharper edges, making it harder to hold compared to the Mi 11x.

Better Cameras

While it seems like Xiaomi has cut costs on their design, they have not fallen short with their cameras. The three back cameras perform well. Pictures clicked from the cameras are in focus, are sharpened just the right amount before saving. The pictures might be saturated a little, but otherwise, all the modes work great for photography. There’s good image noise control in the pictures.

The video quality of the cameras is just as good. They provide a good range of video shooting quality, from 360p to 8K. 4K can be recorded at 60fps and the stability is pretty good. But in low light conditions, the video contains slight graininess. The audio quality while taking a video is good.

Best Performance

Xiaomi went all out on the performance. The performance of this phone is better than Mi 11x. The speaker’s quality is great, it’s louder than ever before. The 6.67” display does justice to any video you’re watching, any game you’re playing, by displaying every little detail in a clean manner. Juggling between multiple heavy use apps is easy because of the super-fast processor (SD888).

However, the phone tends to heat up in the front camera area when games are played in a higher range. The heating issue makes it difficult to hold the phone. 4520mah is enough to get you through the day. But, with a 120Hz display, you might expect a faster battery drain. 33W fast charging requires at least an hour to recharge this smartphone.


Mi 11X pro is a value-for-money smartphone but only if you need ultra flagship-level performance. Everything else on this device is average. But, the performance makes it a real flagship killer. If you don’t need the ultra-performance you can get the OnePlus 9R, Samsung S20fe in the same price range. Samsung S20Fe is currently the best deal. It is a much better smartphone.

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