OnePlus Nord 2 vs Samsung A52s: who’s the ace?

Smartphones are experiencing a boost in 2021. With many companies releasing their flagship models this year almost at the same time, it’s becoming rather difficult to choose an upgrade with the phone. What better way to choose than to weigh the pros and cons? Comparing the models and picking the best one? Until the next one is released, of course.

Back to Basics: Power, Performance, Price

Since both the phones are from different companies, even the basic structure of the phones will be different. Let’s begin with power. OnePlus has improved its battery game by providing a 65watt charger for OnePlus Nord 2, because of which it charges quickly and efficiently. Samsung, on the other hand, fails in this matter. Samsung provides only 15watt charger in their package, but the phone supports a 25watt charger instead. The Samsung A52s takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to hundred percent. OnePlus wins the power game.

Performance is just as important as the battery, if not more.

OnePlus Nord 2 has collaborated with MediaTek for this smartphone. This phone uses MTK Dimensity 1200-AI, which is definitely an upgrade from it’s previous version OnePlus Nord. Samsung, on the other hand, uses Snapdragon 778. Because they are two different systems, it might be difficult to compare. There are many phones which have Snapdragon 778, and their costs are far less than Samsung A52s. Dimensity 1200 is flagship processor by mediatek and is much more powerful compared to A52s. Because of this, OnePlus Nord 2 is the better option. It’s more cost-effective too.

Despite calling itself a midrange phone, Samsung has increased the cost of their flagship by 12% compared to it’s competitors. For the same 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, OnePlus Nord 2 costs INR 29,999, but Samsung A52s costs INR 37,499.

Camera, Display, and Others

Samsung and OnePlus have two different display systems. Samsung A52s employs sAMOLED which works faster and smoother. OnePlus Nord 2, on the other hand uses HDR10+ AMOLED. They’re different, but OnePlus provides only 90Hz refresh rate while Samsung provides 120Hz. This difference causes a significant gap between the two smartphones. OnePlus touch display might lag behind too. Here, Samsung takes the cake.

Both phones provide good camera qualities. Both of them provide night mode, and 4K video recording. But there are major differences. Samsung A52s has four rear end cameras, with the primary being 64MP. The second one is 12MP, which is rare for a midrange phone. However, OnePlus Nord 2 lacks the details and colour saturation which Samsung provides. It’s camera and picture quality is average.

Videos taken in OnePlus Nord 2 are more stable, which is true for Samsung as well, but video quality is compromised. Both phones do not heat up while using heavy apps or gaming. But Samsung is guaranteed to stay cool due to it’s thickness. Samsung A52s has IP67 water and dust resistance, and OnePlus Nord 2 doesn’t have any IP rating. Samsung has also kept their headphone jack, while OnePlus has switched it over to no headphone jacks.


Both phones have good and bad qualities. At the end, it comes down to personal choice and requirements. Knowing exactly what you want from your phone is always helpful. However, OnePlus Nord 2 is recommended if you value: cost-effectiveness, quick charging, and don’t mind average picture and video output.

Samsung A52s is recommended if you value: good picture and video output, water and dust resistance, and don’t mind paying a bit more than a regular midrange phone. However, Samsung S20FE would be a better alternative to Samsung A52s

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