OnePlus 9R vs Mi 11X Pro: War Beyond Affordability

Xiaomi and OnePlus are companies known for their affordable prices. Both have cheaper prices than their competitors. They have their own focus areas, improving set things and trying to make it part of their brands. When both companies provide affordable products, it becomes vital to compare them. To see which one is worth the value. it’s also good to compare to make a note of the qualities. Here, we’ll be putting OnePlus 9R against Mi 11x Pro. Which one is affordable and worth it?

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements which any company should provide are these: price, performance, and battery life. If these aren’t upto a mark, nobody would even consider buying the phones.

Both phones were launched in April 2021. Both phones have the same baseline cost of INR 39,999. This means they’re keeping up with the ‘affordability’ attached to their names.

Performance is another requirement. OnePlus 9R uses Snapdragon 870 SoC, whereas Mi 11x Pro uses Snapdragon 888. When these two systems are compared, Snapdragon 888 has better performance. It’s sharper and smoother than Snapdragon 870 SoC can be. Here, Mi 11x Pro wins the game.

OnePlus 9R comes with a 65watt charger. This makes the charging process faster than ever. Mi 11x Pro, on the other hand, comes with 33watt charger. This means, OnePlus 9R will charger better and faster than Mi 11x Pro.

Camera, Display, and Others

After the basic requirements, people look at the other features of the phone. Some people are drawn to it’s camera quality and features. Some people care about the sound quality. Let’s go over them here.

Mi 11x Pro has 3 rare end cameras. The primary camera has 108MP. OnePlus 9R has 4 rare end cameras instead, but it’s primary camera is only of 48MP. There are subtle differences in the pictures clicked by these two phones. Mi 11x Pro has sharp image quality, the saturation of it is better, and it doesn’t distort colour of the subject. OnePlus 9R, on the other hand, has good pictures. The exposure is a good amount, along with the saturation. While Mi 11x Pro might over-saturate the picture, OnePlus 9R doesn’t.

OnePlus 9R has 6.5 inch of screen. It also has Fluid AMOLED display. While Mi 11x Pro has 6.67inch of screen, and it has AMOLED display. Mi 11x Pro has gone traditional in the matter of display, but it doesn’t have too much difference.

With good cameras, good video quality isn’t always a promise. Both phones provide 4K and 1080p video recordings. Despite having a 108MP primary camera, Mi 11x Pro videos lack stability and shake quite a lot. However, in OnePlus 9R, the videos have good stability. The only problem is that OnePlus might crop the video a little.

Mi 11x Pro provides IP53 dust and water resistance. OnePlus 9R doesn’t have any IP rating.


As seen above, both phones have good qualities. They also have areas of improvements as well. However, OnePlus 9R is recommended if you value: good video and image output, and quicker charging. Mi 11x Pro is recommended if you value: smooth and sharp performance, and good dust and water resistance. But, You can get Samsung S20Fe in the same price on sale. S20FE gives much better cameras.

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