Acer Swift X: All You Need To Know is Performance

Acer company has been launching several gaming laptops. But they’ve made an addition to their Acer Swift series of thin-and-compact laptops. They’re back with Acer Swift X, a laptop made for creators. It’s considered under ‘For Home’ category in their website.

The new Acer Swift X was launched on September 7, 2021. It comes in three colours: gold, grey, and pink. It has a compact size and weighs around 1.3kgs only. This laptop supports Windows 10 (and Windows 11 as well). It has a 14 inch (1920×1080 pixels) display and 16GB of RAM.

Acer advertised that the battery life is up to 17 hours. It comes with 90watt charger in the box. Keyboard has a white backlighting. And there’s a fingerprint scanner near the keyboard.

With the starting cost of INR 84,999, Acer Swift X is heavily focused on performance.

Performance: Couldn’t Be Better

This laptop is made for creators. It has a heavy focus on the performance, and Acer has done a great job in giving the customers only the best.

Swift X has Ryzen processor, and NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics cards. It also has 512GB PCle NVMe SSD. These two loaded aspects, paired with 16GB of RAM and the Ryzen processor, it’s flat out impressive how Acer has managed to put them in such a thin laptop.

Thanks to the SSD and graphics cards, using the laptop is a seamless experience. Using it is smooth, and the graphics show the real colours.

The screen also has a matte finish. Because of this, reflections aren’t a problem when looking at the screen.

Space to air out the heat is right above the keyboard, near the screen. The screen also goes a little under the screen. Acer said this increases the air movement by 10%.

Everything Else: Average

Even though the performance of this laptop is splendid, that’s where it stops.

There’s an average 720p webcam. The colours, overall, are average. The speakers on this laptop don’t perform well. It’s okay for regular use, but it’s sub-par for movies and gaming.

Although Acer has given this laptop ‘more’ air movement, the laptop still heats up.

The keys and keyboard space heats up with heavy use. It definitely isn’t for gaming at all.

Aside from this, the page up and page down keys are crammed on the keyboard. They’re right above the arrow keys, which make it difficult to use the arrows.

The laptop’s battery lasts above 15 hours only ‘power efficiency’ mode is on. There’s no SD card slot on this.


Acer did a great job in adding smooth performance to Acer Swift X. But that’s all it’s good for. If you’re looking for: portable laptop, smooth performance, good graphics quality, and costeffectiveness, Acer Swift X would be recommended.

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