HP Chromebook X2 11: short of great

Ever since the chromebook frenzy has reached India, many companies are participating in it. HP is no different.

It released HP Chromebook x2 11 on August 10, 2021. It’s a standard Chromebook but with a lower price than it’s competitors. Starting price is INR 44,700, and it’s a 2-in-1 device. It works as a tablet, as well as a portable laptop.

Chromebook x2 11 has Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor. The screen is 11inch (2,160×1440 pixels). It comes with a stylus while, and has Chrome OS operating system.

It’s available in Night Teal and Shade Grey colours. RAM is 4GB and storage is 64GB. The battery capacity is said to be 32WHR.

Here are things you need to know about HP Chromebook x2 11:

Everything To Expect

This Chromebook is lightweight. It’s easier to hold while using as a tablet. There’s a fingerprint scanner on this, which has smooth functioning. The tablet version feels sturdy and well-built. It has a great first impression.

It has rounded corners, similar to an iPad. The screen is bright, almost to a fault. It’s bright enough even in sunny places.

The multi-tasking capacity of HP chromebook x2 11 is good. It handles multiple apps and tabs well, but only to a certain extent. If this boundary is pushed, there will be some lagging in usage. The processor cannot be considered weak because of this.

Resolution of HP Chromebook x2 11 is wonderful. Despite the small screen, the display is 2,160×1,440. It’s considerably greater than Lenovo’s Chromebook.

Battery life averages up to 11 hours.

Just Short of Great

When using this chromebook as a laptop, some problems arise.

The keyboard feels too cramped. Keys are on the louder side as well. Besides this, using the laptop on a non-sturdy surface is not a great idea.

Chromebooks are advertised as portable and travel-friendly. But this may not be the best. The keyboard works well only when used on a flat, sturdy surface.

The free stylus that comes with this isn’t great either. It lags while using it.

There’s an option to work with a split screen. However, with the screen so small, it’s difficult to work with. For a travel computer, the performance could be better.


HP Chromebook x2 11 is a good secondary computer. If you’re thinking of using it as the only computer, keep the drawbacks in mind. HP is providing value for the money paid with this Chromebook.

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