Samsung S20Fe vs OnePlus 9R: Which Is A Winner?

The Competition in the smartphone industry is getting stiff every day. Especially giants like Samsung and OnePlus, they’re constantly working to improve their gadgets.

In recent years smartphone giants have shown a keen interest in the mid-range smartphone segment. OnePlus and Samsung launch the OnePlus 9R and S20Fe respectively for that particular segment in the industry. Let’s compare Samsung S20FE and OnePlus 9R against each other today. To see how the giants try to go a level higher.

Core Operations

First, we must look into the most important aspects of a phone: its battery, performance, and price.

As always, Samsung phones do not hold out great in the battery category. Despite naming this model of phone as ‘Fan Edition’ it doesn’t do anything good to the fans. Samsung S20FE comes with a 15watt charger, while it supports 25watts. Even then, the phone takes a long time to charge. OnePlus, on the other hand, has a 65watt charger and charges the phone quicker. Though the battery life on both smartphones is good enough.

OnePlus 9R uses Snapdragon 870 SoC processor. While Samsung S20FE has Snapdragon 865. Both of them are different processors, but comparing them to the company’s previous versions, they’re better. The performance of these two comes down to personal preference.

The price of these two phones isn’t far off from each other this time. Samsung S20FE has a baseline price of INR 36,719, while the OnePlus 9R is at INR 39,999. Granted, Samsung S20FE was launched in October of 2020, while OnePlus is more recent, launched in April 2021.

Camera, Display, and The Rest

With both phones having 6.5 inches of screen, display becomes a pretty important feature.

Samsung S20FE uses HDR10+ sAMOLED display. It has a clean visuals and maintains the aesthetic standard Samsung has. The saturation is good enough as well. OnePlus 9R on the other hand, uses HDR10+ Fluid AMOLED instead. It, too, has crisp viewing. In this matter, neither phones are better or worse than each other. It comes down to personal preference again. Both phones have 120Hz refreshing rate.

OnePlus 9R has 4 rear end cameras, and one front end. The primary camera is of 48MP. The front camera is located on the top-left part of the screen. This allows the viewer to enjoy streaming without the camera blocking the view. OnePlus has more megapixels, yes, but the wide angle lens reduces the quality of clicking pictures.

The price of the phone is justified by the quality of the pictures. It’s sharp and the saturation might be a little lower, but they’re not over-exposed or over-saturated.

Samsung S20FE has 12MP for the primary camera out of all the three. This phone is packed with features and options, which isn’t the case with the OnePlus phone.

Samsung’s footage, even in 1080p in daytime, is good and stable. However the stabilization staggers a bit while shooting in 1080p. It’s a similar case OnePlus 9R, where the stabilization will suffer if shooting at night. Pictures taken at night, too, aren’t the best, when compared to daytime photos.

OnePlus hasn’t provided the IP rating yet again. While Samsung S20FE has IP68.


Both phones, at the end, are good enough. Both of them are considered midrange. However, if you keep in mind what you want from the phone, it’ll be easier to pick.

Samsung S20FE is recommended if you: are a fan of Samsung products, want smooth touch and using experience, and value display qualities.

OnePlus 9R is recommended if you: want less charging time, like sharp and good display, and good quality pictures.

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